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Image of Environmental Planning

Environmental Planning

Environmental stewardship is a priority for the Port of Oakland.  To the extent that there are any air quality impacts during the construction or operational phases of the project, the Port has already embarked on air quality mitigation measures that were adopted by the Board of Port Commissioners:

  • The Maritime Air Quality Improvement Plan (MAQIP) was prepared in consultation with a 42 member stakeholder panel and adopted in 2009 (mitigation measure 4.4-3)
  • The Comprehensive Truck Management Program (CTMP) includes multiple strategies to target truck diesel emissions, including a ban on trucks that don’t meet regulatory clean air requirements (mitigation measure 4.4-4)

Implementation of these efforts, with the support of the West Oakland community and seaport-related businesses, has already led to a 70% reduction in potentially harmful diesel emissions between 2005 and 2012. For more information visit our Environmental Stewardship page.