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Port Utilities

The Port provides utility services (electrical, gas, water, and sewer service) to Port facilities (tenant-operated and Port-operated facilities) in support of Aviation, Maritime, and Commercial Real Estate operations.

The Utilities Department is a unit within the Engineering Division that provides the expertise to manage the Port's utility distribution system (electrical, gas, water, sewer and telephone). The department ensures that the Port plans, operates and upgrades its utility systems in an effective and efficient manner in compliance with all rules and regulations.


The Port of Oakland is served by two different electric utilities. The Oakland International Airport (Yellow area of the picture on left) and portions of the Seaport (Purple area of the picture on left) is served by the Port as a municipal utility. Electricity for all other areas of the Port not served by the Port is provided by Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E).

For the areas served by the Port as a municipal utility, the Utilities Department purchases and manages the delivery of electricity to the Port's customers at OAK and in certain seaport areas. It also obtains renewable energy for the Port, takes measures to reduce the Port's greenhouse gas emissions from electricity generation and promotes energy efficiency.

Natural Gas

The Port provides and sells natural gas on a very limited, pass-through basis from PG&E.

Water & Sewer

The Port provides water distribution and sewer collection infrastructure, through which the water commodity and sewer treatment services are provided by the East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD).


To Report A Utility Hazard in the Maritime Area:
(510) 773-9964 OR (510) 563-3361

To Report A Hazard at the Airport:
(510) 563-3361

East Bay Municipal Utility District Customer Service:
(866) 403-2683

Pacific Gas & Electric Customer Service:
1 (800) 743-5000

Utility Business Administrator: Jared Carpenter
(510) 627-1167

Utility Billing & Customer Service: Lynn Lin
(510) 627-1490