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Airport Improvement Program (AIP)

The Airport Improvement Program (AIP) provides grants to public for the planning and development of public-use airports. AIP grants for planning,
development, or noise compatibility projects are at or associated with individual public-use airports that are identified as important to public transportation and
contribute to the needs of civil aviation, national defense, and the Postal service.

AIP Supporters

Airport Perimeter Dike Improvement Project – Phase II ($20 million)

The Project will improve OAK’s resilience to seismic events through geotechnical hardening along portions of the Airport Perimeter Dike (APD) to reinforce and stabilize the structure, mitigating the effects of earthquakes on the APD and the airport. The Project will provide improvements necessary to protect the APD from catastrophic damage during a major earthquake by constructive dense aggregate columns to reinforce and densify granular soils. OAK is particularly vulnerable during earthquakes, which are an unavoidable
feature of the San Francisco Bay Area. The Port must undertake the Project as soon as possible to prevent potentially catastrophic damage to OAK facilities and supporting infrastructure.

Achieving Airport Resiliency through Microgrid Implementation ($20 million)

This Project will construct and connect a new substation to OAK’s distribution grid, the Shuttle Bus Charging Depot, solar array, and a battery energy storage system, to provide capacity for existing and future zero emissions electrification loads. The project will integrate and balance increasing demand loads from airport fleet electrification with battery storage and on-site renewable energy generation to provide resiliency for airport operations, protect the airfield, reduce greenhouse gases (GHGs), expand airport electrical capacity, and preserve electrical capacity for the surrounding community. This new substation will serve as the nerve center for supplying existing EVs, including airport shuttle buses, airport fleet vehicles and equipment, and future EV charging loads at the rental car facility and heavy-duty trucks.

Sustainability & Resilience Management Plan – Phase II ($362,655)

The Port seeks AIP funding for Phase II of a comprehensive Sustainability & Resilience Management Plan (SRMP) at OAK. Phase I, which the Port intends to commence in Summer 2024, will include development of a sustainability vision, goals, and internal and external stakeholder engagement. Phase II constitutes the second half of this robust planning effort. Phase II, which will begin in Spring 2025, will focus on targeted technical analyses around decarbonization and risk/resilience; identification and prioritization of sustainability and resilience strategies; and development of an implementation and monitoring plan. The SRMP will build on the Port’s history of robust community engagement by ensuring that the planning process is inclusive and reflects the FAA’s priorities in equity and environmental justice. By actively involving stakeholders (both internal and
external), OAK's SRMP ensures that ongoing sustainability initiatives align with community needs, reflecting the Airport's dedication to inclusivity and collaboration.

AIP Supporters