Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility Division

The Social Responsibility Division (SRD) contributes to the vitality of Oakland, surrounding communities, and the region through policies and programs that add value to the Port’s business development activities. SRD aims to facilitate inclusion, fairness, equity, as well as access to economic opportunities, programs, and services for local businesses and the community.

Small, locally-owned, minority-owned, and woman-owned businesses have a robust advocate in their corner. The SRD was created to ensure that small and diverse firms have a place at the table when large contracts are being awarded. Our careful and thorough certification process helps establish your credentials, and network you with potential contractors. We assist you throughout the bid process with expert bonding and financial advice.

SRD is the bridge that connects Port productivity and economic success to quality of life issues for all local residents. Providing our workforce with the skills it needs to step into good-paying jobs is equally important to both workers and employers. We facilitate a wide variety of local training and apprenticeship programs that reach out to new and unskilled workers. We collaborate with our unions to ensure successful recruitment deserving students. In short, we are there to support workers every step of the way as they enter or re-enter the work force.

We know hundreds of success stories that bear testimony to the transformational power of opportunity, and the host of positive impacts it sets in motion like home ownership, successful schools, reduced blight and decreased crime rates. We are fully committed to offering real hope for a brighter tomorrow for future generations.

Amy Tharpe, Director of Social Responsibility

Amy Tharpe

Director of Social Responsibility

Community Relations

We know that job creation and economic growth are critical to a vibrant community. But those indicators alone do not tell the whole story when it comes to the well being of our residents. That’s why the Port created its Social Responsibility Division (SRD) that oversees the public impacts of our seaport, airport and commercial real estate activities. SRD stages multiple public forums throughout the year to update residents on Port projects, listen carefully to citizen feedback, and follow up on your suggestions and complaints.  

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Small/Local Business

The Port of Oakland encourages local and small businesses to participate in its public works, goods, and service contracting opportunities. On October 7, 1997, the Board of Port Commissioners adopted the Non-Discrimination and Small Local Business Utilization Policy (NDSLBUP) that provides preference points for local, small, and very small businesses; sets aside some contracts for small businesses and provides for technical assistance to ensure equitable access to Port contracting opportunities. Further, on June 18, 2002, the Board of Port Commissioners approved the NDSLBUP for Alternative Project Delivery Approaches (APDA) as an enhancement of the NDSLBUP.

Workforce Development

As the Port commits to renewing and building a better and cleaner energy port with new infrastructure that will enhance operations at its seaport and airport, it is a prime opportunity for the Port to reimagine its role as a workforce intermediary.

Programs & Policies

See information, documents, and resources related to the Social Responsibility Division’s Programs & Policies for the Port of Oakland.


Amy Tharpe

Director of Social Responsibility

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DBE/ACDBE Program Contact

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Certification and Living Wage Contact

Laura Arreola

Community Relations Manager

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