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The Port Purchasing Department is responsible for procurements of goods, general services, professional services, and some small (under $50,000) public works projects for the Port of Oakland. Large public works projects (over $50,000) are handled through the Port’s Engineering Department. We strive to maximize the value of public funds, provide exceptional customer service, and conduct all purchasing activities in an efficient, fair, systematic, and professional manner.

Our purchasing procedures ensure that goods and services are obtained at competitive prices with guaranteed fairness in the selection of Suppliers. For cases in which Formal Bids are required, all bids must be awarded to the lowest responsive, responsible bidder.

How Purchasing Works at the Port

All purchases made by the Port of Oakland require either a Contract or a Purchase Order issued (prior to the purchase) to the Supplier. The Port Purchasing Department is committed to non-discrimination, utilizing small/local businesses, and promoting sustainability. The Port Purchasing Department can informally purchase goods, general services, and public works up to $50,000 and professional services up to $150,000. Procurements over these amounts require either a Formal Bid or a Request for Proposal (RFP).

Port Purchasing Forms:

Potential suppliers, contractors, and service providers can complete the Port’s Supplier Application Form to register to do business with the Port. Additionally, Small/Local businesses can obtain certification from the Port’s Social Responsibility Division here to receive preferences points.

The Port of Oakland uses either a Contract or a Purchase Orders for all purchases. Phone orders are not valid and may be subject to non-payment. The Port’s Standard Purchase Order Terms and Conditions are available for download.

The Port’s Standard Supplier Insurance Requirements are available for download.

Purchasing Authorities and Procedures.

Accounts Payable General Contact

Accounts Payable

Nickulaus Sioson

Senior Procurement Analyst

Michael De Leon

Senior Procurement Analyst

Michele Luong

Accounts Payable Supervisor

Vivian Dong

Accounts Payable Senior Clerk

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