Call to Action

Your voice can help make a difference with key decision-makers. Your support of significant issues and Port funding requests helps us demonstrate how the Port of Oakland positively impacts local, regional, national and international populations. From deepening our channels to building new facilities, we can achieve success with our projects when you, our stakeholders, send the message that our Port makes a difference in your business and everyday life.

A few tips to keep in mind when writing a letter of support to key decision makers are:

  • Identify yourself and the issue you are writing about in the beginning of your letter. If you are referring to a specific legislative bill, identify it by number (e.g. H.R. 123 or S. 456).
  • Focus on your main points. Choose two or three of your strongest points. Too much information can be distracting.
  • Personalize your letter.Tell the legislator or lead decision maker(s) how this issue affects you or your business. Be concrete and specific.


Thank you for your efforts. Your advocacy will help us achieve significant successes in the halls of Congress, the State Legislature and with many other decision-making bodies.