West Oakland community agreement ensures cleaner, greener operations for new Port of Oakland bulk shipping terminal

Oakland, Calif. – September 29, 2023: The Oakland Board of Port Commissioners approved changes in its agreement with Eagle Rock Aggregates to develop and operate a bulk marine terminal at the Port of Oakland. The changes stem from the settlement of a lawsuit filed by the West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project (WOEIP) and the Attorney General of California’s Office. The lawsuit alleged that the Port did not adequately evaluate and mitigate the terminal’s air pollution impacts when the Port approved the terminal in 2022. This agreement will allow bulk shipping of sand and gravel for the concrete industry while ensuring that the bulk shipping operation at the Port will prioritize sustainable, community-conscious development.  

“Working alongside Eagle Rock and our West Oakland community, we are bringing bulk shipping to the Port of Oakland that is more sustainable and further reduces impacts on the environment and surrounding communities,” said Port Executive Director Danny Wan. “We are dedicated to achieving zero-emissions operations, and we are working with our business partners across our operations to achieve this goal.” 

The agreement with the West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project takes steps to enhance mitigation of the potential impacts from the bulk terminal and ensure community engagement and future environmental protection by:  

  • Using shore power to reduce emissions from bulk vessels;  
  • Accelerating the use of all-electric or other zero-emissions equipment at the site;  
  • Constructing at-berth power outlets to increase zero-emissions capabilities; 
  • Requiring regular reporting to assure community oversight of compliance regarding terminal operations; and 
  • For many future Port projects, the Port will prepare a new air quality analysis based on current data rather than rely on the 2002 Oakland Army Base Environmental Impact Report. 

 Once in operation, the bulk marine terminal will import up to 2.5 million tons per year of high quality washed concrete sand and aggregates. These products will be used for concrete production in public and private projects throughout the region.  

“For 25 years, West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project has fought to reduce the deadly impacts of emissions from the freight industry at and around the Port, says Ms. Margaret Gordon, Co-Director of the neighborhood-based organization, WOEIP. “This settlement is another step in the right direction to protect the health and well-being of the people ‘just across the freeway’ from the Port. We look to the Port Board of Commissioners to be diligent in protecting our community from harm when considering future Port expansion projects.” 

 “Our work supports the foundations of the east span of the Bay Bridge to ongoing critical infrastructure and the rising new face of downtown Oakland,” said Eagle Rock President Scott Dryden. “We are excited to continue serving the Bay Area and to solidify the collaborative relationship with our neighbors in West Oakland.”  

The marine bulk terminal will span approximately 18 acres at Port of Oakland Berths 20-22 and an additional three acres of water at Berth 22 for vessel operations. The initial term of the approved lease is 12 years, set to expire June 30, 2035.  


 About the Port of Oakland 

The Port of Oakland generates vital economic activity, community benefits and environmental innovation, as the Port decarbonizes its operations for a cleaner and greener future. Along with its partners, the Port supports 98,345 jobs in the region and $174 billion in annual economic activity. The Port oversees Oakland International Airport, the Oakland Seaport and nearly 20 miles of waterfront including Jack London Square, and a publicly owned utility. The Port of Oakland is Everyone’s Port! Connect with the Port of Oakland and Oakland International Airport through Facebook and Twitter, or with the Port on LinkedIn, YouTube, and at www.portofoakland.com.

 About the West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project 

For 25 years, the West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project (WOEIP) has advocated, collaborated, and fought for clean air, good jobs, and healthy homes in the western-most neighborhoods of Oakland. With ships, trains, trucks, and cargo handling equipment contributing tons of diesel pollution into the community’s air, residents and children have suffered record levels of respiratory illness for decades. In response to a mandate from the community to work to remedy these air-quality issues, WOEIP built partnerships with government, academia, private business, and non-profit researchers to create a community-led process of evidence-based solutions. From the 2003 West Oakland Toxics Reduction Collaborative to the current West Oakland Community Action Plan, “Owning Our Air,” WOEIP has committed to lifting up the voices of informed residents to guide positive change and eliminate industrial pollution in our community. Since its inception, WOEIP has improved the quality of life for the 22,000 residents living inside the freeways, and far beyond, by advancing clean air policies and pushing the freight industry to transition to zero emission technologies. More information about WOEIP at www.woeip.org. 

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