Oakland International Airport Statement Regarding Investigation of Airline Workers

For Immediate Release
May 18, 2015

Oakland, CA – May 18, 2015: Oakland International Airport (OAK) has been working closely with law enforcement from the outset of this investigation to root out, stop, and prevent criminal activity and we’re pleased to see the investigation concluding and the people involved held accountable.

Oakland International Airport has a robust, multi-layered security program that exceeds federal requirements and uses a variety of measures to protect the safety and security of its employees, customers, facilities and operations. Safety and security are our top priority, and we are actively engaged with federal and local law enforcement on a continuous basis to reinforce and evolve our efforts in order to meet the challenges of a constantly changing environment.

As at many other airports, Oakland International Airport’s security program has evolved over the years with continuous enhancements made in concert with our law enforcement partners as the changing security environment demands. OAK has bolstered its program in a number of ways with measures such as:

  • Enhanced video systems
  • Increased random screening of workers
  • Increased background checks on workers, including more detailed initial and more frequent periodic checks
  • Increased canine assets and patrols
  • Installed badge management data analytics to identify suspicious behavior
  • Established an Insider Threat Task Force with law enforcement partners
  • Instituted new personal bag limitations for workers

The work of our Insider Threat Task Force has been pivotal in this investigation and in the implementation of new measures at OAK over the past couple of years that recently became federal requirements as part of the Transportation Security Administration’s latest Security Directive.

We continue to be vigilant at OAK against all threats and violations of law and appreciate the close partnership we have with the FBI, the TSA, Alameda County Sheriff’s Office and our employees in protecting the safety and security of Oakland International Airport around the clock, every day. We thank all of our security partners involved in this investigation and bringing it to this conclusion.

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