Update from the Port of Oakland: 6:30am

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December 13, 2011

Update from the Port of Oakland: 6:30am

Port of Oakland Maritime Operations Returning to Normal

Terminals calling up labor, truckers lining up, as all prepare to catch up on backlog caused by disruptions

Maritime operations are returning to normal at the Port of Oakland after a day of port disruptions up and down the West Coast. Demonstrators have dispersed from the Port area. All marine terminals have ordered ILWU labor for the 7:00 AM shift, and truckers have already begun lining-up as of 5:30 AM. There are seven vessels at dock that will be worked today. Due to the protests during the last 24 hours, there is a heavy backlog of work to get through.

We are committed to regaining the confidence of our partners who bring business to Oakland and the region. At the same time, we are relieved that there were no major injuries, damage, or security breaches.

These disruptions cost workers shifts and wages, delaying and reducing paychecks. They also cost the Port and City of Oakland vital resources. They hurt the many businesses that pay taxes and help us create jobs. These disruptions also distracted us from the productive work we need to be focused on to create more jobs and economic opportunities for the region.

We thank our business partners for their patience through this challenging time. We thank our community, government, and labor partners for joining us in our call to keep our Port open. And we thank our law enforcement partners for helping us minimize the disruptions. We now look forward to getting back to work together.

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