Zero Emissions Symposium

The Port and Oakland Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, held Oakland’s first environmental symposium. The event brought together maritime, aviation, commercial real estate, environmental, business, government, and community leaders to collaborate on innovative zero-emissions solutions.

Airport Air Quality

The San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport participates in an institutionalized carbon management certification program to assess and manage airports in reducing its carbon emissions. There are 6 levels of certification (Mapping, Reduction, Optimization, Neutrality, Transformation, and Transition) that OAK achieves towards comprehensive carbon management with the goal of lowering the airport’s carbon footprint.

Habitat Restoration and Park Development

The Port of Oakland is committed to environmental restoration as part of its developments and operations. The Port has completed a number of wetland projects around San Francisco Bay.

Climate Resiliency

Climate change is projected to increase or raise sea level (sea level rise or SLR), storm intensity, and groundwater levels. SLR and storm intensity could lead to shoreline flooding and damage to Port infrastructure. Groundwater intrusion (GWI) is a condition where subsurface groundwater levels are elevated by the encroaching subsurface sea levels. SLR and GWI could damage or destroy subsurface utilities and ground-level Port infrastructure.

Clean Water Programs

The Port of Oakland (Port) is committed to conducting its operations in the most sustainable and environmentally sensitive manner possible. The Port’s Clean Water Program is one example of this commitment to environmental stewardship.

Maritime Air Quality

Program information about the Port of Oakland’s efforts to reduce criteria pollutants, notably diesel particulate matter, associated with maritime (seaport) activities at the Port.

Environmental Stewardship

The Port’s Environmental Programs & Planning division oversees projects that support the Port’s commitment to environmentally sustainability and its zero-emissions operations goal.