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Q. What is the Seaport Stakeholder Roundtable (SSR)?
A. The members of the Seaport Roundtable study and discuss seaport issues including planning, development activities and operations, and related stakeholder interests. Based on the discussions, the Seaport Roundtable will provide recommendations to Port management and who will forward to the Board for consideration. The goal is to provide policy guidance to help shape the future of the Oakland Seaport.

Q. How often does the SSR meet?
A. SSR members meet on a regular (monthly) basis to engage in successive topical conversations and provide input.

Q. What issues does the Seaport Stakeholder Roundtable address?
A. The first topic addressed is the development of the Seaport Land Use and Infrastructure Investment Plan (“Seaport Plan”). Other key seaport development issues will be discussed in future meetings.

Q. What is the Seaport Plan?
A. The Seaport Plan is the first comprehensive seaport study and planning effort by the Port since the former Oakland Army Base Area Redevelopment Plan was approved by the Port and City in 2002. Once approved, the Seaport Plan will serve to guide the Seaport’s land use and capital investments over the next 30 years. The Seaport Plan will refine, reflect, and implement the Port Board’s policy goals for the Seaport, including business growth, land use, infrastructure investment, jobs, and environmental stewardship, especially air quality.

Q. Who do I contact if I want to get involved in these planning efforts? Or if I know others in my community who wish to also get involved?
A. You may contact Amy Tharpe, the Port's Director of Social Responsibility at Click here to contact Amy Tharpe

Q. Where can I get a schedule of the meetings? Is there a mailing list?
A. The list of meeting dates can be found here:

SSR Meeting Date
Meeting #1 July 1, 2021
Meeting #2 August 26, 2021
Meeting #3 September 22, 2021
Meeting #4 October 27, 2021
Meeting #5 November 17, 2021
Meeting #6 December 15, 2021

There is not a mailing list; however, you can access meeting notes and videos here (https://www.portofoakland.com/stakeholder-engagement/seaport-stakeholder-roundtable/)