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Local, Small, & Diverse Business Certification

The Port of Oakland is committed to the success of local, small, and diverse businesses. With project funding from enterprise activities, the United States Department of Transportation, and the United States Maritime Administration, the Port of Oakland implements a variety of contracting programs. Each funding source requires a unique certification.

Port of Oakland Certification

The Port of Oakland with its partner agencies in the East Bay Interagency Alliance (EBIA) has established a collaborative Common Application for Certification designed to streamline the certification process for local, small, and very small businesses that are located and operating in Alameda or Contra Costa County.

How to Become Port Certified 

In 2013, the Social Responsibility Division (SRD) launched its online SRD Certification Application system as part of our commitment to prioritizing environmental responsibility.

In order to apply for a new Port certification or renew an existing certification, an email address is required and internet access to the Social Responsibility Certification Application. You can also print a copy of the Registration Instructions to learn how to register or access the system.

Beginning December 2015, the Port will no longer accept "paper" Common Application for Local Certification and respective supporting documents sent by fax or U.S. Mail.  The exclusive use of the online Certification Application system will provide efficiency, reliability and a secure manner to become Port certified at your convenience.


DBE/ACDBE Certification with the State of California

The Port of Oakland is a signatory to the California Unified Certification Program under US Department of Transportation, 49 CFR 23 and 26. Currently, the Port does not certify Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBEs) or Airport Concession Business Enterprises (ACDBEs). To locate a DBE or ACDBE, please go to the CUCP database.

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