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Park Activities


Middle Harbor Shoreline ParkPICNIC/BBQ AREAS

Bring your own blanket for lawn picnicking or select one of the picnic tables throughout the park and bring your own bbq pit. Picnic tables with bbq pits MUST be reserved. All other areas (lawn, picnic tables w/o pits, etc.) are first-come, first-served.

Beneath the saw-tooth overhang structure within the park are 27 picnic tables with adequate space to add more tables and chairs. The maximum capacity (if chairs/tables added) is 400.

Choose from below to access the park permit forms, view reservable picnic tabled areas, fees, setup and additional information regarding reservations. All picnic sites are wheelchair accessible.


There are just under three miles of pathways that are available for pedestrians and bicyclists to explore the shoreline and inland areas of the park. These pathways are extensions of the regional San Francisco Bay Trail, and connect directly to the adjacent Port View Park and the West Oakland neighborhood.


The park's shoreline pathways allow for excellent wildlife observation year-round. Numerous shorebirds, diving ducks, and sea birds can be seen just off shore. Year-round residents include the Forster's tern, western gull, double-crested cormorant, and brown pelican. Summer visitors include the Caspian tern, least tern, California gull, Canada goose, and snowy egret. Winter visitors include the common goldeneye, ruddy duck, bufflehead, scaup, western sandpiper, dunlin, surf scoter, Western/Clark's grebe, and eared grebe. Interpretive panels with photos of these birds can be found within the park.

While nearby ship traffic always seems entertaining, the feeding and grooming antics of waterfowl are fascinating. During your visit here, take time to look for the many species of birds that find food and refuge in this area. As the habitat is restored and improved, many animals will return, giving us the chance to observe wildlife in the city.


Cast out a line at Pt. Arnold for great fishing opportunities. A California State fishing license is required to fish at Middle Harbor Shoreline Park, with the exception of fishing from the pier at the end of Port View Park, where no California State fishing license is required.


The Port of Oakland has partnered with Stepping Out Stepping In to offer environmental education, exploration and nature play at Middle Harbor Shoreline Park to elementary, middle, high school students and adults.

Stepping Out Stepping In provides hands-on environmental education programs designed to meet science standards for each grade. Their programs focus on the ecology and cultural history of the San Francisco Bay and teach the students a greater sense of understanding why the Bay is an important habitat worth protecting. We also teach various other related aspects of the park including maritime industry, cultural railroad, and Navy Depot history.

Low-income schools located in West Oakland may be eligible for free bus transportation. Apply on-line by going to www.steppingoutsteppingin.org.


Special event permits are required for events such as walkathons, organized training, festivals or other activities which may go beyond the scope of normal park use, or which require partial or exclusive use of the park or areas within the park. Special events require a contract and specific insurance. See below to download our special event requirements and a copy of the Port's sample Temporary Rental Agreement (TRA). You can also send your request by email to the Park Manager at [email protected] or leave a detailed voice message at 510-627-1434. The Park Manager or Port designee will contact you within a reasonable time period to discuss your request in more detail.

Application timeline: Applications for new events must be submitted at least one year prior to the requested event date. Repeat event applications must be submitted at least (6) six months prior to requested event date. New or unusual events may require approval by the Board of Port Commissioners. You are encouraged to start planning as early as possible to be sure that your date and location are available and that your application has sufficient processing time. Your application is complete ONLY when the Port has received all necessary signed documents, proof of insurance and all fees have been paid. Your event may be cancelled if your application is not complete 30 days prior to the event.

Please note that all events must be approved one year prior to date of actual event. Allow a minimum of 60 days to process film or photography requests.