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Seaport Compatibility Measures

The Port of Oakland’s Board of Port Commissioners places top priority on supporting the maritime industry in Oakland and helping its tenants and business partners grow. It has committed to addressing industry concerns over the Oakland A’s proposed ballpark and mixed-use development at Howard Terminal and ensuring it is compatible with seaport operations. To back up its maritime commitment, the Board has committed to engaging with maritime stakeholders to develop Seaport Compatibility Measures.

The Measures would address issues ranging from road congestion and vessel traffic to a buffer zone between the seaport and ballpark. The final Measures would become part of any final real estate agreements.

The Port plans to convene a maritime stakeholder summit in October 2019 among a cross-section of over 100 industry representatives including shipping lines, marine terminal operators, cargo owners, railroads, longshore labor, harbor pilots, truckers and Customs brokers. The objective of the summits would be twofold:

  • Identify industry concerns over Howard Terminal Development; and
  • Formulate Seaport Compatibility Measures to address the concerns and prevent negative impacts on seaport operations.

An informal steering committee of maritime industry leaders has been formed to shape the summit agenda. An outside facilitator would guide the summit discussions. Maritime industry focus groups would be empaneled to review work output from the summit.

The Port expects to finalize Seaport Compatibility Measures by mid-January 2020.