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Image of Emergency Response Team

Emergency Response Team

As part of the Cal/OSHA requirement we are expected to provide employees with adequate life safety features such as clearly marked exits, fire extinguishers and fire extinguishing systems, and evacuation procedures. Because the Port of Oakland is a complex organization that contains many different environments, such as active marine terminals and growing international airport.

The following lists of Programs have been developed to assist in Emergency Response at the various locations the Port of Oakland maintains.

408 Safety Directive

The purpose of this program is to set forth policies, procedures, roles, and responsibilities for emergency response operations for releases, or substantial threat of releases, of hazardous substances at the Airport.

Emergency Operations Plan

The Port of Oakland is located in an area susceptible to earthquakes and other natural disasters. A significant earthquake or disaster has the potential to severely disrupt Port operations. An Emergency Operations Center (EOC) would provide a location for the immediate coordination and management of Port facilities during a period without normal power or communications.

The purpose of this EOC plan is to:

  • Describe the organization and management system under which the Port of Oakland may operate immediately following a disaster that has disrupted normal operations.
  • Describe the layout and resources available within the Emergency Operations Center to allow continuation of Port operations.
  • Describe the initial procedures, including individual checklists, that may be followed when the Emergency Operations Center is first activated.

Emergency Communications Plan

The purpose of this Emergency Communication Plan is to adequately prepare for out-of-the-ordinary emergency events, and to advise, effectively and promptly, the Port community, government agencies, and the public on issues and developments.

Port Roles in an Emergency

The document discusses preparation for an emergency, the roles and responsibilities of each division and department, the employee reporting instructions immediately following a disaster, the role of the Port's Emergency Operations Center and how it ties in with city and state emergency centers, and an outline of recovery and reconstruction procedures.
These are some of the programs that we maintain. We mainly will be focused on protecting Port Employees, The Environment and Port Property in the event a major catastrophe occurs. We do not have the capabilities in ourselves to respond to a large clean up of a chemical spill but we do maintain a contract with a cleanup contractor which will respond in the event that we need them.

Our main role is to oversee and maintain compliance, we leave the dirty work to the professionals.